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Thank you for visiting RespectMyPrivacy. You indicated that you wish to learn more about a domain that has RespectMyPrivacy services. We have prepared this helpful set of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who controls

In all cases, the domain registrant controls the domain. We are not the registrant of any domains that have RespectMyPrivacy services; we only provide certain document forwarding services to domain registrants. Identifying domain registrants to the public is not part of the service we provide. However, we can assist you to contact the registrant of a domain that has RespectMyPrivacy services.

How do I contact the registrant of

In some cases, the registrant may have contact information on a website associated with the domain. If that's the case, that definitely represents their preferred method of contact.

In most other cases, the registrant of a domain that has RespectMyPrivacy services prefers to be contacted via email, which is also usually the fastest and easiest method. You may send email to the registrant at (domainname) For example, if were a domain that has RespectMyPrivacy services, you could contact the registrant by emailing We do perform nominal server validation checks to limit spam sent to registrants through our service, but this should not pose a problem for you if you are a real person using a legitimate, properly configured email server.

You may also call the registrant at the phone number listed in the public whois database and leave a message. Please note: You will be prompted to enter the domain administrator number (from the public whois database) when you call.

You may also send a fax to the domain registrant by obtaining the fax number from the public WHOIS database. Note that fax processing by RespectMyPrivacy is done manually and can require 1-2 days before your message reaches the registrant. We do not recommend it for time-sensitive matters.

Finally, you can send mail to the domain registrant by obtaining the mailing address for the domain from the public WHOIS database. Be sure to address your correspondence properly. Incorrectly addressing correspondence about serviced domains to RespectMyPrivacy, LLC directly, not marking the correspondence to the attention of the domain's registrant on the envelope, or sending domain registrant correspondence to any address other than that shown in the public WHOIS address may cause delays and/or review of your correspondence by uninvolved third parties sufficent to determine to whom it should be forwarded.

Here is the exact addressing you should use for optimal mail processing and privacy protection:

Domain Administrator Number 12345
c/o RespectMyPrivacy, LLC
4700 MILLENIA BLVD STE 175 PMB 004-12345
ORLANDO  FL  32839-6015

The value 12345 should be replaced in both locations with the actual domain administrator number obtained from the public whois database.

Even properly-addressed mail correspondence can require up to 2-3 weeks to process and is not recommended for time-sensitive matters. Please also be advised that the domain registrant has specifically requested that material that appears to be junk mail be discarded and not forwarded. For this reason, we recommend using first class mail or priority mail.

How do I report abuse by the registrant of

As RespectMyPrivacy is a contact forwarding service that facilitates only unidirectional correspondance only under specific conditions, there is little opportunity for domain registrants to abuse RespectMyPrivacy services.

If you are concerned about a website associated with a domain that has RespectMyPrivacy proxy contact information, you will need to contact the hosting company providing services for that website.

Each online service provider that offers RespectMyPrivacy services maintains its own abuse-handling department that may be able to assist you. You may wish to consult the Service Provider Directory.

How do I have's RespectMyPrivacy proxy contact service canceled?

Only the domain registrant can cancel RespectMyPrivacy proxy contact service.

How do I subpoena your records?

Fax a copy of your subpoena to (866) 390-9061 marked "ATTN: Subpoena Processing." We will conduct a preliminary review, and if everything is in order, contact you to obtain a certified copy. All faxes thusly marked that are not subpoenas will be discarded.

Please be aware that RespectMyPrivacy is a wholesale service. The only information RespectMyPrivacy, LLC retains about domain registrants is the identity of the online service provider who initiated the service on behalf of the registrant. We pass all correspondence to the service provider, and they in turn forward it to the registrant. We do not have and cannot provide identifying information about the registrants using our service; only their service provider can do that.

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